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Safer Cleaning, Healthier You

When the calendar year changes, many people feel themselves looking for a fresh start, and with that comes a fresh home. This means that you are scrubbing away all of the dirt and grime that may have been building up so far this winter. And with these frigid winter temperatures, it’s almost a guarantee that your windows are closed.

Being locked up with little to no ventilation can be a very dangerous situation depending on what cleaning chemicals you use. One way to ensure that you are using products that are safer but get the job done just as good as conventional products is to look for the Safer Choice label. Companies with the Safer Choice label have volunteered to formulate their products to meet the Safer Choice Standard.

The EPA review process measures each product and it’s packaging for specific criteria in the following areas:

Just look for the Safer Choice Label when shopping. In addition, the EPA website makes it easy to find Safer Choice products for your specific needs at home, work, school, hotel, and at the sports arena.

The Find Safer Choices in Your Community page provides an interactive map to help you determine what to use for every situation. Apply that New Year’s resolution to be healthier to your cleaning regimen and use products featuring the Safer Choice label. They clean effectively without being harmful to you or the environment, and that’s always a good thing.

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