Miami County Recycles

Business Assistance

Your County Solid Waste District is available to perform waste audits for any business.

A waste audit involves examining the trash leaving your organization. Depending upon your needs, a waste audit can focus on waste from the entire business or focus on certain areas, such as the cafeteria, the office or the manufacturing floor.

By understanding what your organization disposes of, we can identify and quantify all the components of the waste stream - and determine what components can be reduced, reused, sold, recycled or composted.

For assistance with conducting a waste audit and analyzing your organization's solid waste, contact the Miami County Solid Waste District.

Contact us for help using Ohio EPA recycling resources.

The OEPA's Ohio Materials Marketplace is a online platform allowing manufacturers to list and request by-product materials. Posting and browsing materials is free. Click here for more information, and contact us for help with creating an account.