Miami County Recycles

Electronics, Light Bulbs, and Battery Disposal

Electronics Recycling

Electronics can be recycled through the Transfer Station for the current tipping fee. Recyclable items include monitors, laptops, computers, flat-screen televisions, cell phones, speakers, DVD players and similar materials.

Fluorescent, CFL, high-pressure sodium, mercury-vapor and LED light bulbs from residents can be taken to the Miami County Solid Waste Transfer Station for the current tipping fee. Residents may bring up to 10 bulbs per day. Bulbs from commercial businesses will not be accepted through this program.

Incandescent light bulbs can be disposed of in regular residential trash or taken to the Transfer Station.

Batteries Disposal

Household batteries can be dropped off at the Miami County Recycling Center at no cost. The terminals must be taped if the battery is 1.5 volts or higher.

Lead Acid Batteries are taken at the Transfer Station for the regular tipping fee.