Miami County Recycles

Paint Disposal

Latex and Oil Paint


Latex paint 

The Miami County Transfer Station accepts liquid latex paint from residents (no businesses) for hardening and disposal. Residents may bring up to 15 gallons per day, and will be charged at the current tipping fee.

Residents may place dried latex paint in the regular trash. To dry out paint at home, remove the lid and let the paint solidify, or mix cat litter, sawdust, or another absorbent material into the container.

Oil-based paint
Oil-based paint can be brought to Household Hazardous Waste drop-offs. Household Hazardous Waste disposal costs $1 per pound. 

Oil-based paint can be dried at home by mixing cat litter or sawdust into the paint container. Drying paint at home will be the most cost-efficient means of safe paint disposal.

Please do not

Dump paint on the ground or into storm sewers.
Pour paint down the drain.
Throw paint cans with liquid remaining in the trash.