Miami County Recycles

Community Recycling Resources

Many community organizations offer recycling and donation-for-reuse programs at no charge.
By donating or recycling your household items, you’ll help to reduce the amount of waste headed for the landfill.

Aluminum Cans:
You can recycle cans curbside or take them to the Miami County Recycling Center. Several local charities and fire departments also accept aluminum donations. Try the Miami County Shriners or your local fire department.

Check with your local library – many accept book donations. There are also donation bins in several Miami County locations for Better World Books, a literacy organization.

Cell Phones:
Several local stores accept cell phones to recycle. The Miami County Sheriff’s Department collects cell phones for their Cell Phones for Seniors program; cell phones can be dropped off at the Sheriff’s office or at the Miami County Sanitary Engineering Department.

Goodwill, New Path Outreach, Partners in Hope and the Salvation Army collect used clothing. And, check with local churches; many collect clothing for family shelters and other organizations.

Contact your local Goodwill store to learn about the Reconnect Program. Goodwill and Dell have a partnership for recycling computers and other electronic items. The Goodwill stores in Troy and Piqua take these items. Cathode Ray Tube TVs are not accepted at this time.

The Miami County Sanitary Engineering Department also offers electronics recycling.

If the furniture is in good shape, check with local organizations such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and the Family Abuse Shelter.

Scrap Metal (Ferrous Metal, Steel):
Try contacting one of our local metal recyclers: Urban Elsass is located in Piqua; and Polings’s Auto Parts are located in Troy.


Have a collection resource you’d like to share? Let us know at 937-440-5653.