Miami County Recycles

Why Recycle as a Business?

Recycling makes financial sense for your business.

Waste haulers may charge less to transport recyclables than regular waste, helping to trim your business' hauling expense. In addition, recycling is good PR! Miami County is the proud home of several companies with low-waste or zero-waste business models. Today, more than ever, customers are appreciative of great products with low environmental impact.

Businesses provide recycling leadership in Miami County.

Business recycling accounts for over 50 percent of commercial/residential recycling in Miami County. Industrial recycling comprises an even greater amount of overall recycling in the county: in 2015, our industrial recycling rate was over 85 percent.

Businesses set an example for our residents, and help Miami County meet the annual goals set by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

You can read our latest OEPA Annual District Report here. Each spring, the county surveys businesses to learn about their recycling activity. Please contact us for information about our business surveys.

Recycling goes beyond the bin!

For businesses, recycling goes beyond bottles and cans. From repurposing office equipment to recycling raw materials, businesses have a unique opportunity to reduce waste in our community.

Break Room Business Poster

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