Miami County Recycles

Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting the Miami County Recycling Center:

What can I take to the Recycling Center?

You can find information on what can be recycled here.

Do I need to sort my recyclables before bringing them to the Recycling Center?

Yes, we can only accept clean, pre-sorted materials.

What types of glass do you take?

We take food-grade container glass – bottles and jars. If it came with a cap, bring it in! We cannot take other types of glass at this time.

Visiting the Miami County Transfer Station:

What are your hours?

You can find our location and hours of operation information here.

What do I do when I get there? How do I pay?

When you arrive at the Transfer Station, your vehicle will be weighed in at a scales house, where you’ll receive an RFID scan-card. The clerk will direct you to the appropriate drop-off. After you’ve unloaded your trash, you’ll check out by returning your scan-card and being re-weighed at the scales house. You’ll be charged for the difference in weight.

What is the cost to dispose of trash at the Transfer Station?

Check our Tipping Rates & Surcharges.

Do you take credit card payments?

Yes, we accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express

Do you accept….?

Check our "How To Dispose Of..." guide.

Do you accept household hazardous materials?

You can find out about our household hazardous waste program here.

Do you accept paint?

You can find what types of paint we accept here.

What is the Blue Bag program?

The SWARF, or Blue Bag program, allows you to purchase five garbage bags for $6 and drop them off during normal operating hours for no additional charge. Bags can be purchased at the scales house. Full bags can be placed at a drop-off in the Recycling Center.

Recycling in Miami County:

Who do I call for curbside pickup?

Check our list of haulers/Municipalities.

What can I recycle at home?

Most curbside programs accept paper, cardboard aluminum and steel cans, glass containers, and plastics #1 and #2. Find out more here.

How do I start a recycling program at my school or business?

You can start by contacting your waste hauler to inquire about getting recycling pickup on-site. If you need help implementing the program, contact us for advice!

Where does my recycling go?

All residential curbside recycling in Miami County goes to a Materials Recovery Facilities in Dayton or Cincinnati. At the MRF, materials are sorted and shipped to be used in manufacturing applications around the state and country. Recycling collected by community drop-offs or businesses may also head to the MRF, or may be recycled locally.

Why are some things (like #3-7 plastic) not recyclable?

In order for materials to be recycled, there must be a market for the material. Some materials just don’t perform well enough in manufacturing to warrant great demand. However, manufacturers and waste collectors are constantly working to find better uses for unwanted materials!

Aside from recycling, what else can I do with unwanted products?

Check our list of community recycling resources for non-profits working to repurpose household items.

Waste management in Miami County:

Who should I contact for trash pickup?

See our list of registered waste haulers.

Where does my trash go?

All solid waste generated in Miami County comes through the Miami County Transfer Station, where it is consolidated and shipped to Cherokee Run Landfill in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

Where can I take household hazardous waste?

You can find information on where to take household hazardous waste here.

Is latex paint considered household hazardous waste?

Latex paint is not considered household hazardous waste, but should be dried before being placed in the trash. Mix your latex paint with sawdust or kitty litter before putting it in the trash, or bring up to 15 gallons of latex paint to be hardened at the Transfer Station with our paint disposal program.