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Tossing Technology

It might not completely feel like it yet, but the calendar says spring is here. We still haven’t taken the plastic off of our windows yet, but I’m so ready to start cleaning and purging. This includes changing the batteries in the smoke detector and flashlights and tossing any electronics that haven’t worked in months. We’re not very technologically savvy around here, so when something breaks, it collects dust for a few months waiting for me to come to terms with the fact that I will never figure out how to fix it. That being said, there are ways to properly dispose of batteries and electronics, so let’s refresh.

Cue the moment we’ve all had: a handful of batteries in our hands, hovering over the trashcan in hesitation, wondering if you’re supposed to be throwing them away or doing something else with them. Luckily, you can throw household batteries away. What you need to think about, though, is the possibility of opposite terminals touching and creating a spark in the trash. In fact, there have been multiple fires at Ohio Rumpke materials recovery facilities. So, just to be safe, tape the ends of all of your AA, AAA, 9v and 12v batteries with electric or duct tape for the safest disposal.

While it is easy to place your small electronics in your curbside trash, consider a more viable option, Goodwill. Electronics taken to the transfer station (for the tipping fee of $5 for electronics weighing under 200 pounds or $53.80/ton) are actually recycled and sent to Goodwill, helping to provide jobs for community members with disabilities. You can also just take your electronics straight to Goodwill to be recycled if you prefer. If you’re finally ready to part ways with your old school tube TV, it can’t be recycled, but you can still dispose of it at the transfer station (for the same tipping fee). This spring, declutter with dignity. Tape up dead batteries pre-pitch and send those electronics that you know you will never fix on over to Goodwill (either directly or through our transfer station). You’ll feel better to have that stuff out of your home and be proud that you did it the right way.

Posted on May 30, 2018 by Miami County Recycles