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Every February stores begin to line their shelves with any number of hearts, from paper hearts to boxes of chocolates. It’s a Valentine’s Day frenzy of packaging, which can be hard to navigate when you are working on minimizing your use of packaging. But don’t fret! We have the solution to whatever love-filled gift you receive.

Box of chocolates

Whatever type of box of chocolates you receive (and whether you eat it all in one sitting or not), the cardboard or paper can be recycled! However, just make sure before sorting your trash and recycling that you remove the plastic inside, which cannot be recycled

Pro-tip: the chocolate plastic container can be used to organize any manner of craft supplies, jewelry, or small items within the household. Try adding a nice coat of paint to the plastic container and making it your own.

Valentine’s Day cards

These can easily be recycled, along with the envelopes! Also, when buying cards, whether the large packs for students in a classroom or just for the person you love the most, check to see if the card is 100% recyclable either on the back of the card or the box it comes in.

Valentine’s Day gifts

Think outside the box this year when giving larger gifts to those you love. Wrap the gifts with newspaper and recycle afterward. Or make a home-made gift and re-use one of the many gift bags you got during the winter holiday season!

And just remember that all these things are recyclable in Montgomery County:

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