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Sharp spike in needle use leads to need for safe "sharp" disposal

As health self-care options become readily available, more and more individuals are beginning to administer syringe based injections using what folks in the industry call “sharps” - needles of various gauges and sizes to draw medications and administer them.

According to at least one count, there are 9 million syringe users in the United States. Another estimate concludes that these 9 million syringe users administer at least 3 billion injections in one year. 1 Many self-injectors are unaware of safe disposal methods that are available, or the dangers to pets, waste workers, and children posed by improper disposal.


First, here are a few “Needle Nevers” to consider.

Here’s how to safely dispose of sharps.
Package them properly by:

If properly contained, sharps can be placed in the regular trash. Better yet, you can dispose of them securely through the county’s drop-off program. Questions? Call Miami County Solid Waste Engineering at 937-440- 5653.

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