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DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s October, which means everyone’s favorite spooky holiday is right around the corner. If you’re looking to get creative but also save money on Halloween decorations this year, consider some of these fun, original upcycled Halloween projects! Added bonus to being earth-friendly: they make for some fantastic hands-on, screen-free time with kiddos that they will absolutely love!

1) Mummy Mason Jar Candles: Simply brush or spray on some glue to the outside of a glass mason jar and wrap with white gauze. Stick on some store-bought googly eyes from a craft store, or draw or cut out your own. Plunk a tea candle inside, put them on the porch, and set a spooky vibe for trick-or-treaters!

2) Spooky Windsocks: Got some tempera paints, an old coffee can, and some string? That’s about all you need to make a spooky windsock! Simply clean and dry the can, and drill a small hole in the center of the bottom. Then, turn it upside down, and paint a fun Halloween-themed face on it. Get creative and make a ghost, jack-o-lantern, vampire, or Frankenstein! Next, glue or tape some matching-colored crepe streamers or grosgrain ribbon to the inside of the open end of the can. Attach some string or fishing line knotted to a paper clip through the hole on the inside of the can, and tie the other end to a tree or other structure. Admire your work as you watch it hang with the streamers blowing in campfire-scented autumn wind.

3) K-Cup Ghost Lights: K-cups are great for convenience, but lousy for the planet. If you’re a Keurig user, save your used plastic cups, clean them out, and make some cute ghost lights instead. Flip the empty cups over, and simply use a Sharpie to draw some happy (or scary) ghost faces on them. Cut some circles from white tulle so they drape over the cups and hang down past the edge, and staple at the cups’ rims. Pull out a string of white Christmas lights. Poke a hole in the cups’ bottoms, and pop each one over a light. Hang wherever you wish, and take full credit for your awesome creativity and respect for the planet.

Trick-or-Treat, upcycling is so sweet!

Posted on Oct 08, 2021 by Miami County Recycles