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History of Solid Waste - Part 4

From “American Dream” to “America Green”

From using vultures and “piggeries,” Americans had tried it all. All along the way, we invented new ways of producing more waste. The American dream inspired many to do everything except “reduce, reuse and recycle.” When did we begin to “rethink,” and see a bit of light at the end of the “garbage mountain” tunnel? Let’s continue to learn from the Association of Science Technology Center.

In 1959, the American Society of Civil Engineers published a standard guide to sanitary landfilling. To guard against rodents and odors, it suggested compacting the refuse and covering it with a layer of soil each day. In 1965 the Solid Waste Disposal Act, the first federal solid waste management law, was enacted. In the next three decades, the following landmark steps were taken by an increasingly environmentally conscious society.

In the 70’s alone:

The 80’s saw similar improvements, and the state of Ohio took action. In 1988, Ohio’s legislature passed House Bill 592, an ambitious piece of legislation that significantly strengthened Ohio’s 20-year- old solid waste law and that set in motion a planning process at both the local and state government levels. The overriding goals of this planning process were to ensure that there was adequate and environmentally sound management capacity for Ohio’s solid waste and to increase the efforts of Ohio’s communities, businesses and industries to reduce and recycle solid wastes. That’s what mandates what we do here in the Miami County Solid Waste District. In future blogs, we’ll explain not only what we do, but what we all can do, to help keep our community clean.

Posted on Oct 24, 2017 by Miami County Recycles