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Reduce, Reusing, Recycling: Rethink (Pre-think) Your Next Paint Project

Tired of those half-empty paint cans lying around? There’s a great way to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and especially “Rethink” when you take on your next paint project. 

Try using an online paint calculator. You simply measure the dimensions of the rooms you want to paint, accounting for doors and window spaces (which are generally not included in the wall color purchase), and use the online calculators to figure a close approximation of the paint you need to buy. 

Here are a couple of our favorites:

Paint Calculator by HomeAdvisor

Paint Calculator by “The Paint Quality Institute”

By estimating the amount of paint you'll need, you'll save money and reduce waste. What about the leftovers? Here’s what one paint company recommends.

“Go ahead and use the excess by applying extra coats to your project. The extra paint will provide better protection, and using the paint in that manner is certainly a better option than disposing of the paint. And if you don’t want to use the paint yourself, maybe someone else can use it. Perhaps a neighbor has a small area needing painting that your leftovers will cover. Or maybe there’s a local charity that can use it.”

Near Miami County, there are a few charities that may be able to accept leftover latex paint. Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties accepts unopened cans of paint for donation. Matthew 25 Ministries is another Ohio-based charity that accepts latex paint for recycling. 

If you end up with paint that you simply can't use, make sure to dispose of it properly. The Miami County Transfer Station accepts up to fifteen gallons of paint from residents (for the regular tipping fee). Or, you can harden paint by mixing it with kitty litter or sawdust before placing it in your regular trash.

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