Miami County Recycles


Summer Brain Dump

Kids are out of school, burgers are on the BBQ, and the pool is ready to go. Summer vacation has begun! The last things your child is thinking of is their education. This is where you have to step in and help prevent the “summer brain dump”. The break in lessons, routines, and classrooms... Read More

Tossing Technology

It might not completely feel like it yet, but the calendar says spring is here. We still haven’t taken the plastic off of our windows yet, but I’m so ready to start cleaning and purging. This includes changing the batteries in the smoke detector and flashlights and tossing any electronic... Read More


Do you, or someone you know, change the oil in your car at home? You can re-use it as lubricant for other equipment or bring it in to be properly disposed of. The E.P.A. states that oil from 1 oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water! This is why proper handling and disposal are s... Read More

Reducing Waste: Buying Bulk

The first reason most people give to defend buying in bulk is that it is more cost-effective in the long run. Yet, there is another long-term effect of buying in bulk-waste reduction. A good friend of mine recently pulled a large container of dish soap out from under her kitchen sink. This really go... Read More

Safer Cleaning, Healthier You

When the calendar year changes, many people feel themselves looking for a fresh start, and with that comes a fresh home. This means that you are scrubbing away all of the dirt and grime that may have been building up so far this winter. And with these frigid winter temperatures, it’s almost a ... Read More

Avoid Recycling Contamination at Home: Paper and Packaging Products

The holidays are pretty much over. Cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, packaging and food containers have added to your festive home décor. And now you have to de-clutter. Paper seems to be people’s favorite material to recycle. According to Earth 911, “more paper is recovered for ... Read More

Plastic bags are a BIG problem

Many of us have gotten in the habit of using plastic bags we get from stores to gather things around the house. For example; I use them to clean out the cat box, collect small trash can waste, or to put soiled children’s clothing in before going back in the diaper bag. Those examples are fine ... Read More

Christmas Tree Recycling

2018 is finally here; a time for new beginnings and new year’s resolutions! With the excitement of the holidays behind us we can start taking down the tree. The frustrating process of untangling lights, storing ornaments, and removing the tinsel now is the beginning of keeping a new year&rsquo... Read More

Avoid Recycling Contamination at Home: Glass

Did you know that glass can be recycled infinitely without loosing its properties? That’s why it makes sense to want to put as much as possible in the curbside recycling bin. It’s easy to believe that glass is glass no matter what. Reading our What Can I Recycle page, you will notice th... Read More

Avoid Recycling Contamination at Home: All Plastics are Not the Same

Sometimes it can be confusing to determine what to throw in the recycling bin and what to trash. We finish a box of cereal and throw the box, and the bag inside, together into the recycling bin. Plastic is recyclable, right? Well, not always. The only plastics on our acceptable materials list are #1... Read More

Dispose of old batteries properly

Most people have some kind of drawer full of junk, and you'll usually find a dead battery or two in your own junk drawer. Disposing of them properly can keep you - and your waste hauler - safe! Household Batteries: You have probably heard that you were never supposed to throw away AA, AAA, or other... Read More

Give (Wrapping) Paper Another Chance & Conserve

There’s always one. The one family member who refuses to rip into the presents, taking her sweet time unwrapping the paper at each piece of tape, folding the section of giftwrap neatly before moving on to find out what is in the box. It can make for an excruciatingly long wait time for your tu... Read More

Don’t Throw that Away! Decreasing Food Waste During the Holiday Season

As we catapult into the holiday season, one of the first things that comes to our minds is food. Making it. Sharing it. Eating it. And, unfortunately, throwing it away. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Americans threw out over 38 million tons of food in 2014. That&rsqu... Read More

Dried Latex Paint Can Be Placed in Regular Trash

That’s right. There are safe and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of paint you can’t reuse or recycle, including placing them in the regular trash. There are a few simple “tricks of the trade” we’d like to share to show you how. It’s a way of “rethin... Read More

Reduce, Reusing, Recycling: Rethink (Pre-think) Your Next Paint Project

Tired of those half-empty paint cans lying around? There’s a great way to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and especially “Rethink” when you take on your next paint project.  Try using an online paint calculator. You simply measure the dimensions of the rooms you want to paint, accoun... Read More

History of Solid Waste - Part 4

From “American Dream” to “America Green” From using vultures and “piggeries,” Americans had tried it all. All along the way, we invented new ways of producing more waste. The American dream inspired many to do everything except “reduce, reuse and recycle.&r... Read More

History of Solid Waste – Part 3

Garbage Mountains Grow and Grow Surely entrepreneurial Americans got waste management better than most of the world, right? Eventually, we did. But it was a bit of a long haul up that garbage mountain to today’s greener approaches. We’re going to share some information published by the ... Read More

History of Solid Waste - Part 2

The Long, Winding and Sometimes Smelly Road to Modern Landfills In 2016, Miami County residents produced 73,709 tons of waste-- -- and managed to recycle 39,348 tons. But that meant 34,361 tons had to go somewhere-- -and in Miami County, ours went to the Cherokee Run Landfill in Logan County. We&rs... Read More

History of Solid Waste - Part 1

MODERN LANDFILLS ANCIENT PREDECESSOR Our modern day “solid waste approaches,” including our local landfill have more ancient roots than we might realize. Ariel David, a Tel-Aviv journalist, dug into ancient Jewish and Roman trash for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. “Archaeologists... Read More

Sharp spike in needle use leads to need for safe "sharp" disposal

As health self-care options become readily available, more and more individuals are beginning to administer syringe based injections using what folks in the industry call “sharps” - needles of various gauges and sizes to draw medications and administer them. According to at least one co... Read More

How much are my recyclables worth?

You may remember collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, or holding paper drives for school fundraising. It makes some of our residents wonder: how valuable are the recyclables I'm placing in the green bin or driving to the Recycling Center?  Think back to economics class: recyclabl... Read More